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MAM Non-Profit Solutions offers a wide range of consulting services with the knowledge and expertise to help non-profit organizations of any mission and size flourish and grow.


MAM Non-Profit Solutions


Grant Writing

Tell Your Story

As competition for public and private funding grows, you need to be able to tell the story of your organization or program efficiently, effectively and eloquently.  With years of experience as both a highly successful proposal writer and private foundation grant-maker, I have learned not only what information a funder needs to know and wants to hear but also how to present that information so they will take notice.  

Not really sure what story you are trying to tell?  No problem.  As we work together, I will guide you through the process from initial concept to fully formed ‘story’ including all the elements that a funder will need to evaluate your proposal.  Then I will write the proposal that enables potential funders to fully understand and appreciate your programs and services and convinces them that your organization should receive funding.

With minimum stress, time or resources of your organization, I have the experience to enable you to complete proposals in any format and send to any funding source—from large, intricate and specific government grants, to concise corporate and foundation proposals, and even short but persuasive ‘letters of inquiry.’  If needed, I will also help you create budgets and gather necessary addendum materials to complete your grant request. 


Identify Your Next Funding Source

Have or want to create a fabulous non-profit organization or program but don’t know how or where to get funding?  Or do you have one or several sources of funding but want to find others?  Are you getting support from private individuals but have no idea which foundations might provide grants for your programming?  Or do you rely primarily on--often shrinking--government funding and are therefore looking for more reliable sources from private individuals, foundations or corporations?  Finally, do you waste valuable time and resources applying for grants and funds that do not match your programming or organizational mission and are therefore unlikely to ever receive?  I can help you identify funding sources that are the most appropriate and likely for your geographic area, focus, and population served.  From there I can help you create a plan to reach out to these potential funders, originate the materials needed to engage them and foster a lasting and rewarding partnership.


Planning and Advising

Develop a Strong Organizational Base

Raising funds—whether through foundations, private individuals, corporations or government sources—is most likely when there is a strong organizational base.  I can further engage your Board and staff in their roles as leaders in the development and outreach of the organization.  If necessary this may begin with an assessment of Board strengths and weaknesses and a review and evaluation of organizational needs and goals, focusing on finances and fundraising.  It can also include further facilitation to engage Board governance, particularly in recruitment, networking and fundraising.  This will include not only long-term planning but specific strategies to guide Board members, key staff and even trusted volunteers to identify and cultivate donors—as well as best practices in the subtle art of ‘the ask’.

Project Support

Achieve Your Goals

Unlike many other fundraising consultants, I provide not only guidance and advice but practical, real-time help when your organization needs it most.  No matter how dedicated your staff, are there projects that require additional help to complete?  Do you occasionally need an extra experienced and skilled hand to complete special projects and events on time?  For instance, could you use additional help to plan, organize, implement and complete a membership campaign or direct mail drive?  Or do you need an experienced extra hand to assist in developing, organizing, and running a special event?  You don’t need to take on the added expense and management of additional staff just to cover these important projects.  I have the experience and skills to jump in and lend the extra support to fulfill your fundraising goals.


Interim Leadership

Build a Productive Culture

All organizations have cultures—that is, an integrated pattern of knowledge, values, and behaviors shared by the group.  Sometimes, as organizations grow this culture fragments and fissures develop.  Often this happens in a period of sudden change or crisis—a founding or long-term Director retires, a new facility is obtained, the need for programs grows or alters, or a new population is being served. 

Drawing on my advanced degrees in Anthropology—the study of human culture—I help organizations identify their core values, beliefs, behaviors, knowledge base, and goals. The next steps are to engage the entire organization—Board, Executives, Staff, volunteers, and constituencies in this culture.  This process could include surveys and assessments, meetings, workshops, and feedback dialogues.   Depending on the culture and type of organization, goals of this process may include updating the Mission Statement, written Core Values/Beliefs statements, Guidelines, Protocols, etc. as well as the formation of pathways for dialogue, ongoing evaluation and development.

With decades of experience in a variety of management roles, I can also fill temporary positions from Interim Executive Director, Interim Deputy Director, Interim Development Director to Campaign Manager for finite objectives.  

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