Post-Covid Pivot Planning

New Service

A rapid, one-month strategic plan re-alignment for post-pandemic goals.  This approach includes one-to-one meetings with key organizational contributors (Board, Executive staff, etc.), preliminary report, and one Board/Executive strategy session culminating in a Board-approved plan, including:

  • Assess new challenges and new opportunities: how do external changes affect the organization in this uncertain time?  

  • Identify programmatic adaptations: how can your programs adapt to meet these changes?

  • Review infrastructure: Do you have the right Board governance, organizational/staffing structure, volunteer program, database systems, etc. to effect these changes?

  • Encourage diversity: How to provide equity in our response to change?

  • Reach out to new markets: who now can be helped by your organization and who can help you?

  • Find new sources of funding: how can we support these new programs in a time of uncertainty?