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College Essay Advising

You are unique; your essay should be, too

Consider the essay your best chance to stand out in the college application crowd. In fact, the essay may be the single most important aspect of your college application and is the best chance you have to show the Admissions Office what a fantastic, incredible and unique person you are.   

How can you stand out from the crowd with your essay? There are two parts to this; one is to find those stories that highlight your special traits and the other is to tell these stories in your own unique voice.  This is where I can be of help. With over two decades of experience helping non-profits discover and draft the stories for successful grant proposals, I can help you uncover and compose your own stories for a singular college essay.  

Likewise, as an award-winning playwright and writing instructor, I have experience helping bring out your own authentic and distinctive writing voice. For instance, do you consider yourself a bit of a class clown or drama queen?  Then let’s infuse your text with witticisms and amusing observations.  Or are you a serious sort who prefers to read dense textbooks in science and engineering?  This, too, should come out in your essay in a genuine and profound narrative.

I offer college essay writing advising from conception to final copy editing. We will start with a dialogue to help you focus on the qualities that make you special and will stand out to college admissions. We will also uncover those stories and details which best illustrate those qualities. Depending on your comfort as a writer, we will work on framing and outlining the essay and discovering your personal prose style. In later sessions we will edit and refine the essay to be as cogent and cohesive as possible.  

About Michele A. Miller

Michele has a BA and MA from Stanford University and a PhD from Boston University and over twenty years of experience working with non-profits of various sizes, missions and programs, helping them tell their stories for marketing and development.  In addition to her successful grant-writing, she is an award-winning playwright and filmmaker.  Michele has also conducted alumni admissions interviews for Stanford for the last several years.  


College essay advising services are rated at $125 per hour* and follow at your own pace.  Some students need more help uncovering the stories or devising a framework while other students need to focus on writing style and copy edits.  Each advising session is geared to your strengths and needs, the schools you are interested in, and the qualities you want to reflect.  There is no one process to your essay and the results will be equally distinct and unique to reflect you.  

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